Every Country On Your Plate is our family dinner project. Once a week, we invite friends over and prepare a meal from a different country. Kids take turns choosing a country. Adults find 3-5 main traditional recipes from that country with a couple of classic side dishes. Kids then make a final decision on which main and which sides are chosen. Everyone enjoys the food!

For convenience, we choose recipes that can be prepared in less than 90 minutes and use ingredients available from our local grocery stores. We also choose recipes that have at least a 3/5 star rating based on online reviews.

To honor individual preferences we try to avoid recipes with peppers or bacon. We also avoid extremely spicy foods, although we have spices and hot sauce available on the side. Depending on company, we can also modify chosen recipes to make vegetarian versions.

The United Nations recognizes 195 countries (January 2016). We hope to make a meal from each of them. This blog will document our worldwide culinary adventure!

World Map 2016-09-04

Red dotes show countries we have cooked meals from. We will update the map with our ongoing progress! Updated 2016-09-04.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome blog! Really love the idea of introducing kids to new culinary experiences in a fun and enjoyable manner. Can’t wait to see the next instalment!


  2. This is such a creative idea! Great job so far! I am excited to follow your worldwide journey, and I hope to try some of these recipes myself.


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